9th August update

Aug 9, 2017 | The Build

It’s been eventful couple of weeks in the run up to August, typically one of the busiest times of the year for the church and its environs. Each year, St John’s proudly hosts the Just Festival, a series of events centred on social justice issues. The festival is now well underway with held so far being warmly received. Do take a look at their programme and book tickets via just-festival.org.

After the retail sections were handed back from the developers, Cornerstone Bookshop made great progress in getting settled in their new home. The One World Shop are continuing to prepare for their opening in September, while the third retail unit is temporarily storing some of the pews from within the church. This is to make way for some chairs and tables that will seat the customers at our temporary cafe outside! The cafe is joined this year by other food stalls, a bar and craft stall in the garden area. Come and try some of the delicious food and have a browse around while waiting for one of the Just Festival shows!

Inside the remaining development, work has continued on the area around the new lift shaft; in the first photo below you can see the steel framework that will eventually contain the lift. The next couple of images show the underside of the new mezzanine floor; still very much a work in progress! The final phase of the glazing installation is happening this week – you can see how far the builders have come in the images that follow this. There is also a tantalising glimpse of the new ceiling in the extension. Returning downstairs, the new kitchen and staff toilet area for the cafe are taking shape. The new flooring structure has been laid and partition walls are going up as shown in the final couple of images.

If you are interested in booking the Hall or one of our meeting rooms, please use the form on the Contact Us page to get in touch!

cornerstone centre update
cornerstone centre update
cornerstone centre update
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