Welcome to Cornerstone Centre at St John’s

A £3.5m extensive renovation of an historic building in the heart of Edinburgh, at the junction of Lothian Road and Princes Street, the Cornerstone Centre St Johns is a community hub currently under development! Once complete the many groups and charities that use the building, as well as thousands of visitors, will return to a significantly enhanced and accessible space. 

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19th February Update

So it looks like this is going to be the last ever set of photos of the Cornerstone Centre build project. I've been documenting the build on and off over the last 17 months and it's now virtually done. Since I visited a couple weeks there have been only a couple...

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6th February update

There’s roughly two weeks to go with the Cornerstone Centre build. It’s been three weeks since I last visited and as with my last visit much has changed. The upstairs offices are complete and I believe the main hall is booked for an

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16th January update

For all sense and purposes it’s been two months since I last visited the build at the Cornerstone Centre but there have been enormous changes in just that short period of time. In the first photo alone, you can see the ceiling

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