Our Fundraising Need

Following a period of successful fundraising, St John’s has taken on a sizeable bank loan to cover the remaining difference of the £3.5m build. It is this and the remaining furnishings which we are now fundraising for. You may consider supporting St John’s Cornerstone Centre to make its monthly loan repayments of £4,100. Alternatively, making a gift toward the following list of features and furnishings will help make the building more accessible to people with mobility or sensory impairments, creating a warm welcome and a flexible space for visitors and community groups.

  • The new passenger lift, £33,195 – SPONSORED!
  • Main Hall and portable induction loops, £3,200 – SPONSORED!
  • Audio visual equipment for Hall, £2,000 – SPONSORED!
  • The new servery/kitchenette in the Hall, £18,339 – Already SPONSORED: £2,000! 
  • The staircase, £40,000
  • Emergency lighting system, £29,000
  • Entrance lobby glazing and automatic sliding door, £20,000
  • Large moving storage wall between meeting room 1 and 2, £25,000
  • Sliding screen between meeting room 2 and the Hall, £12,905
  • A new double door into the dormitory, £6,642
  • Underfloor heating in the Hall, £3,278
  • IT equipment for staff, £2,000
  • Downstairs Cafe furniture and kitchen, £15,000

Contact us using our Contact Form for further details, or to enquire how you or your company may help. Follow us on Twitter @churchofstjohn  and find us on Facebook St John’s Episcopal Church. To keep up to date on our progress, sign up for updates by email.

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